Cameron’s Walter Lego

“Dad,” Cameron asked (yes, really), “is his name Logan or Wolverine?”
“It’s both,” I explain, “‘Wolverine’ is his superhero name or his alter-ego.”
“It’s like a nickname?”
“Kind of. Like ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, or Xena the ‘Warrior Princess’. They can be used to make you sound more badass.”
“Do I have a walter lego?”
“Alter-ego,” I correct with a smile.
“Whatever. Do I?!”
“What would your badass nickname be?”
“Um…” he began to think.
“I know!” I interject, “how about Cameron the Ninja Puppy of Ald’ruhn?”
“Cameron the Four-Legged Warrior?”
“That’s stupid, Dad.”
“Okay,” I concede, “what do you have in mind?”
“Cameron the uh,” he put a lot of thought into this, “Cameron the ‘Good Boy’!” he said wagging his tail with a smile.

I choked back a chuckle because as cute as this was I could tell that he was totally serious. That’s the zenith of his ambitions, that’s what Cameron strives to be every day. He just wants to be a good boy, and he is.