“Enchanted Objects,” by David Rose

“Enchanted Objects,” by David Rose

Enchanted Objects by David Rose

Enchanted Objects (2014) explains that it’s high time to move away from screen-based devices toward a world of more intuitive, useful, and efficient devices, designed for a specific purpose.  Enchanted Objects attempts to show you where technology will take society tomorrow, exploring deep questions about what we want or even need technology to accomplish in our modern lives. The technology of the future should be more than about tracking our steps and apps to count calories; indeed, tomorrow’s technology should be enchanted.

The arrival of devices with a single design purpose and connection to the cloud, brings what was once seen as science fiction closer to reality. From enchanted bathroom scales to crystal balls, we’ll soon be able to upgrade the objects in our lives, making them automated, more efficient, and intuitive.

The author, David Rose, is an inventor and successful entrepreneur as well as a faculty member at the MIT Media Lab. He’s also the creator of several innovative and award-winning devices. In the late 1990’s David invented and patented online photo sharing. David draws on his experience at MIT Media Lab to explore our technological wants and how we can achieve them through enlightened design.

I would recommend Enchanted Objects to designers and entrepreneurs, and anyone curious about how technology is changing through design.

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