“Innumeracy,” by John Allen Paulos

“Innumeracy,” by John Allen Paulos


InnumeracyIt’s rare to hear people openly admit to illiteracy, yet it’s quite common to hear someone acknowledge that math was their worst subject, or shrugging and saying that they’re simply not a numbers person.

Innumeracy (1988) explains how an aversion to math and numbers pervades both our private and public lives. By examining various real-life examples of innumeracy and its consequences, the book offers helpful solutions to combat this irrational and misguided fear of math. You’ll learn how common innumeracy is and why it is a major risk. You’ll see now innumerate people struggle to handle many real-life situations and how a basic understanding of mathematical concepts can be of great benefit to you.

I would recommend this book to anyone convinced that they’re not a numbers person, and people interested in everyday applications of math.

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